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I wanted to help out my buddy, The Great Sir Martin of Malmberg, who reviews WoW guides at WoW-Strategy.com and get some more exposure to his website. So if you want to level faster and make more gold in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, hop on over to his website and grab a WoW guide that he has reviewed.

Thinking about a remake, are you interested? Thu Feb 21 03:29am
EDIT: Due to the amazing response I have seen in the last 6 hours, visit [url]http://www.wc3ng.com[/url] for more info about this idea

Alright, not sure how much traffic this site still gets, but I thought I would post here anyways. I have long considered remaking/advancing WC3FT from scratch, even tried to get it started back in 2010 (aka WC3NG), but other things got in the way and I never got anywhere. So, I want to engage the public and see if there is even interest in this. If I get enough votes, I will start planning stuff and get a site up and running where I can list planned features and even how to apply to a group where you can give me ideas, respond to ideas I have, and even participate in a Closed Alpha/Beta.

You can vote in the poll by going to [url]http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=51256819e4b09488dc2afeac[/url]

If you are really interested in this idea, please encourage others to vote. The more votes I get, the more I will be convinced that the remake is needed and the more motivation I will have. Even if you are running your own modified version of wc3ft, I encourage you to vote as this new version will be much easier to customize and add features to than wc3ft.
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Developer Builds Available Fri May 28 11:22pm
I have decided to open up the ability for the public to submit fixes and get pre-packaged SVN releases.

To submit a fix, simply attach or post a link to a patch in a Bug Report. Fixes will only be accepted if they are diffs/patches, code blocks or hand-written instructions will not be accepted.

To view the builds, simply visit http://dev.projectyami.net/war3ft/list

Builds are generated automatically at 01, 07, 13, 19 hours server time (UTC/GMT). If a build is missing, then it either failed, hasn't been built yet, or wasn't the latest at the time of the build.

I will be implementing a new version reference in the plugin later tonight/weekend. This way the version number increases with each auto-build. Essentially, the version reported in amx_plugins will become "3.0.0-dev" and a new command will be added that lets you figure out which build you are using. The command will only be accurate if you are using one of the auto-build versions, SVN downloads will display "SVN" as the build version. More information will come later after I implement it.

Any questions or issues, feel free to post them.
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Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne - Version 3.0 RC13 for Download Mon Feb 2 05:12am
[quote]v3.0 RC13

- Bug Fix: [FS#83] Changed on_ResetHud to Ham_Spawn

- Bug Fix: [FS#132] Chameleon deletes skill selections

- Bug Fix: [FS#136] bots fix for cz

- Bug Fix: [FS#133] show player item fix

- Bug Fix: [FS#134] Cheating on item prices

- Bug Fix: [FS#92] solution against detecting moles (angle of view)

- Bug Fix: [FS#131] shadow hunter coconut fix

- Bug Fix: [FS#123] No serpent wards after respawning.

- Change: Remade ADMIN_Log format to more AMXX like

- Addition: ScreenFade for both attacker and victim of Serpand Wards [/quote]

This requires AMXX 1.80 to be installed!! Simply extract this folder in your cstrike, czero, or dod folder, then add it to your plugins.ini!

[url=http://war3ft.com/downloads/amxx/war3ft_v3.0rc13.zip]Download Core Files[/url]

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How to get WC3FT to work on CS1.5 or Non-Steam Wed Dec 12 07:51pm
[b][size=200]FOOLED YOU!!!!!!!![/size][/b]

While others might of gotten it to work, AMXx and WC3FT BOTH require Steam to run properly. I don't care if nobody in your country plays on Steam, Non-Steam servers are illegal and will not be supported here.

All questions regarding Non-Steam servers will be locked. I don't care if it was a simple cvar question, I will lock it
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War3FT Moves to SVN - CVS no longer used Wed Jun 27 07:56pm
FYI - CVS is no longer used, SVN URL can be accessed here:

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